Mapic - The International Retail Property Market 2024

Palais des Festivals et des Congrès , Boulevard de la Croisette 1
Cannes (FR)

Mapic - The International Retail Property Market: la feria

Mapic es el principal mercado internacional para el desarrollo comercial y distribución. La feria atrae a los principales representantes de los inversores minoristas, a través de los centros comerciales y ciudades, creando así un grupo de convergencia.

Mapic reúne en un único espacio a las empresas para que presenten sus ideas e innovaciones, descubran nuevas tendencias y se expandan a nivel internacional. Se trata del lugar idóneo para establecer contactos y oportunidades de negocio en las mejores condiciones.

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Mapic - The International Retail Property Market 2024 Del al Palais des Festivals et des Congrès
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MAPIC Cannes brings the best of the international retail

MAPIC is an international event for the retail property market. What do you think makes MAPIC different from other similar shows?

MAPIC is the leading event to showcase and discover the best of the international retail property market and it is the only event that offers retailers the opportunity to develop in all sorts of locations (shopping centres, city centres, factory outlets, leisure areas, transit zones) from across the globe.

Over the years, MAPIC has remained at the forefront of the industry, welcoming a large number of retail brands and exhibitors from around the world. MAPIC keeps increasing thanks to its strong internationalisation and to the dynamism and creativity of the retail real estate players who are always ready to move forward to find new opportunities to develop.

For 2016 we highlight the New Trends Hub. What topics will be treated? And talking about trends, which do you think are the coming trends for the following seasons?

This upcoming edition of MAPIC will treat a very important trend that concerns the international retail real estate sector- the constant interconnection between online and offline business. The O2O trend materializes in two ways. Firstly, pure players are increasingly looking at brick & mortar trading. Second, consumers are adopting a hybrid client journey, combining websites and physical store outlets. This global phenomenon offers the opportunity for business development and will, therefore, be the focus of discussions at MAPIC.
This 22nd edition of MAPIC will also be an edition with many new elements, as we have created a new 1000sqm Trends Hub entirely dedicated to the latest industry trends including a retailtainment exhibition space, a Specialty Leasing Lounge dedicated to the power of the pop-up business and the MAPIC Innovation Forum which will showcase the latest technologies and solutions for retailers and developers alike.

In recent years, the retailtainment concept, combining leisure with commerce, has been booming on an international scale. In today’s digital world, retailtainment’s appeal is to create a customer experience based on escapism and entertainment - it will be the social glue that will hold retail spaces of the future together. Consumption is now a good way of having fun, rather than leisure being an excuse to consume. This new vision of retailing will be presented in the retailtainment pavilion.
On the retail side, the watchwords today are personalising, sharing and buying experience. In ready-to-wear, fashion is now about personalising and DIY. Consumers today don’t simply want to buy a garment – they want to join in the production and personalise it differently from their friends and neighbours.

Can you tell us some more novelties for the next edition?

Innovation will be centre stage at MAPIC with, for the first time, over 30 startups exhibiting in the Startup Lounge. Among the innovations showcased at MAPIC, Diakse, Entertainment and Skyboy are 3 exhibiting startups that propose virtual reality technology which can be used to greatly enhance shopping experiences, such as having a famous designer or stylist appear on your smartphone or tablet screen in front of a point of sales to provide shopping advice, or to have a celebrity welcome people to the store as part of a savvy marketing strategy.

For the first time, MAPIC will welcome a unique guest: Pepper, the first social humanoid robot capable of understanding and reacting to human emotions and who is redefining the customer experience. MAPIC participants can meet Pepper on the Softbank Robotics stand.

Another exciting “first” for MAPIC, innovative French underwear brand Undiz has developed Undiz Machine; a revolutionary and interactive point of sale where once a product is selected, it is sent in a reserve capsule by jet propulsion. This is a true example of shopping and MAPIC attendees will be able to see a live demonstration of the Undiz Machine on site.
Renowned French retailer Kiabi will be unveiling a 600 sqm showroom to showcase the innovations of its latest concept store. For several years, Kiabi has been actively repositioning the brand, which aims to reinvest in its presence in shopping malls and to strengthen its international development. This is the first time that a retailer will present an entire concept store at MAPIC, so I am impatient to see it in action!

Finally, MAPIC Awards are always a highlight at every edition of MAPIC. The competition aims to reward the most dynamic retailers and shopping centres in terms of innovation and creativity in 2016. The award-winners will be announced during the official MAPIC Awards Dinner on November 17. We are excited to have Thomas Maeger, Group Director of Property for Primark Stores Ltd., as the President of the Jury this year.

Many experts and professional speakers will attend the show. Do you recommend a session or sessions in particular?

The dedicated O2O conference track at MAPIC this year aims to shed light on the reinventing of shopping centres into lively mixed-use places for new consumer behaviour…namely that of the Millennials.

The O2O Experience - Welcome to my Phygital World (16 November), will be the key conference session on O2O and will discuss questions such as: What are the best digital solutions to increase traffic, business and revenues? Are pure players dead? How to integrate physical commerce into your 360° strategy? How do brands and pure players create the best physical experience to enchant their customers’ journey? Speakers include François Loviton, Director of Retail France at Google France, Wojciech Grendzinski, Vice President and Sales Director of IMS and Brian Kean, Head of Communications & Chief International Officer of Ulmart.

Jonathan Doughty, Head of EMEA Foodservice Consulting, JLL Foodservice Consulting will be speaking in the headlining food and beverage conference session on Wednesday 16 November entitled, Savouring New Italian F&B Experiences, alongside Ezio Balarini, Group Chief Marketing Officer of Autogrill; Vincenzo Ferrieri, Owner of Cioccolatitaliani; Mario Pascucci, CEO of Caffè Pascucci and Gianandrea Gropplero Di Troppenburg, Development Manager of Cigierre. The session will delve into food and beverage, with international case studies from gourmet dining to food concepts. Just what aromas and flavours will increase shopping centres’ success? And what about the incorporation of digital tools into the F&B experience?

Another highlight of this MAPIC will be the presence of retail guru Mary Portas, known to many as the “Queen of shops”. She will be the moderator for the UK market discussion seminar on Thursday 17 November. The panel - consisting of some of UK’s top names in retail including Jace Tyrell, Chief Executive of New West End Company, the business voice for the world’s largest retail destination including Bond Street, Oxford Street and Regent Street – will provide unrivalled insight into the latest trends and be thinking in the market.

What is the visitors’ profile?

MAPIC is a must-attend event for every international expert in the retail real estate industry. MAPIC provides developers, owners and brokers with the opportunity of meeting and doing business with established and emerging international retailers. International investors interested in the retail real estate assets are also attending MAPIC to discover new projects they can add to their portfolios.

MAPIC brings together companies and exhibitors from 74 countries. Can you give some tips for those attending the show for the first time?

The essential thing is preparation, preparation, preparation! It really is the key to getting the most out of MAPIC. Every company needs to prepare the event in advance to be able to reach its goals. If a company wants to raise brand awareness then it should be looking at setting up press and networking events. If a retailer is searching for international developments then they should be identified and contacted well before MAPIC to set up meetings – and this can be done using the MAPIC online database. Then there is how to get the most out of what happens during MAPIC. Obviously, there is the business side of the event, great networking opportunities and a vast number of subjects being discussed in the conference programme.

Once again, timely preparation will allow a company to make sure it has a representative attending the session which can also be a good way to network. With so many major industry trends being examined, this approach can provide invaluable information for future business. Finally, wear comfortable shoes!

Which is forecast participation for the next edition?

As you know, MAPIC is above all a business platform where retail real estate players can find contacts and opportunities to develop their activities. This year we are expecting over 8,000 participants from 76 countries including 2,000 retailers and 1,000 investors.