Messe Basel , Messeplatz 10
Basilea (CH)

Este evento ha sido cancelado y no se celebra más

GZ-BASEL: la feria

June 2014 Edition:

 "GZ-BASEL" is decided to form part of the art panorama that occupies Basel next June when world's leading art fairs - among them ArtBasel, Scope and Liste are opening their doors for the public about at the same dates.


The natural light of the main space, the particular structure of the building, the well accommodated underground area specially suitable for installations, video and small works.

Its garden for fresh air, outdoor sculptures and its excellent location. Just good enough for avoiding the crowded areas and very suitable at the same time to bring plenty of people in minutes to our art fair where they can enjoy an outstanding international conjunction of artworks.

And if this would not be enough, there are plenty of excellent famous art galleries in the near surrounding and also “kunstmuseum basel” is just a few hundred meter walk.

There is a direct tram connection from our art fair to Messeplatz all day and also the railway station is next door.

All these aspects made us decide that this is the right place for our international fair of contemporary art for artists. A place of more than 400m2 where the works can be shown with space and where the quality of the works and the display are priority the way that visitors may have a really surprising art experience and a meeting with the best innovative and experimental art from different continents.

Ediciones GZ-BASEL

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